An Inconsequential Awards Show Just Hosted A Touchstone Moment In An Intensifying Cultural Divide

“What just happened?” These were the words which headlined many an article reporting on the chaos which occurred on stage at the 89th Oscars on Sunday night, where bookies’ favourite La La Land appeared to attain the inevitable, only for Warren Beattie to have to prepare before an audience of millions an entire buffet of humble pie and reveal that it was the other critical darling, Moonlight, which had actually won the award. However with the racial tensions surrounding the dramatically unrepresentative Oscars of previous years and conspiracy theories already abound, it seems ‘what just happened’ was little to do with cinema or what went down on stage, and was instead the creation of a talking-point which evidences rising social narratives that are increasingly radical, vitriolic and unforgiving. (more…)

“I guess I’ll see you in the movies”: La La Land Review

Unlike other genres of film, pulling off a classic musical means simply abiding by one simple formula:

Great Songs + Great Dance + Dynamic Characters
A Healthy Dose Of Self-Awareness

Pull that off (no easy feat in itself), add some camp and a level of optimism about the world that’s tantamount to denialism and Bob’s Your Uncle: you’ve landed yourself a Singing In The Rain. Despite being touted as revivalism of the MGM classics, and criticised in places for being a rote application of said formula, the stunning La La Land in fact thrives and lives in three key addendums to the blueprint:

a) The Camera Dances Too

The death of musicals has long been greatly exaggerated. TV sitcoms have been keeping the genre alive for decades (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Simpsons both aired one this month alone), (more…)